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From “Prohibitively Expensive” to “Fairly Priced…”

Good News, everyone.
As some of you may know, I made and released photobooks featuring my photos of you: the cosplay community of the southeast, and beyond. These books were made in Lightroom and sent to Blurb.com for printing. Though this resulted in beautiful photobooks, the prices ($56 at the minimum, with all profit to me being waived to get the price that low) weren’t viable for most people. Because I’m still an unknown in this community and this city, and because of these prices, neither book sold a single copy to anyone other than my mother–God bless her soul. So this bothered me for some time, because I made the books for the community that was featured so prominently in them, and nobody had a fair, cost-effective way to get their hands on them.
Until now.
I recently did some research on Blurb.com’s other items and found a reasonable product in their Trade Books: a beautifully crafted softcover book with glossy paper as a standard that would print for a reasonable price without sacrifice of quality. So, I spent time editing the books for the reprint, and now they are available for $20 (plus tax and shipping).
I’m pleased: if someone were to come across these books at an Artist Alley booth, this would be the price I would list them as. It’s fair and reflective of what I have to offer: a piece of memorabilia featuring this community that I love so much.
I hope I’ve done right by you and I hope this makes obtaining a physical copy of these books a little easier.

ADouglass.Media | Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018 (Trade Book)
ADouglass.Media | Momocon 2018 (Trade Book) 

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