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Booking Information

Booking Information

I am currently based in the greater Atlanta area, and am available for portraits for a flat fee of $30 for three subject, and 40 for more than three subjects.  For general portraiture, the fee buys you twenty photos, all retouched and chosen by you. Reshoots are complimentary. I will work with you to determine a location that best suits your needs. 

For cosplay portraiture, the price is the same $30 flat fee for 1-3 subjects and 40 for more than three. However, the customer will will receive all viable photos taken, all retouched. Again, reshoots are complimentary, and I will work with you to determine a shooting location.

For both portraiture and cosplay portraiture, customers will receive $5 off of the fee if they allow select photos to appear on the portfolio here on ADouglass.Media.

Supporters of my Patreon have an option to subecribe monthly for $50. For each subscribed month, the customer is entitled to a shoot at no extra cost. These complimentary shoots never expire, and can be claimed at any time, even if you are no longer subscribed. I am currently brainstorming for more rewards for the Patreon.

For further questions and booking, feel free to contact me

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