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What's mine is now yours: The Momocon 2018 Photobook is now available!

In late May, I attended Momocon for the fourth time. In order to challenge myself as a photographer, I set a weekend-long quota of 200 images--50 unique images each day of the convention. I fell short for one reason or another, but I still left with more unique images than I have ever taken at any convention I've been to. It was a pride I wanted to share with my mother and many others who supported me. So, I put together this book with them in mind.

But this triumph isn't mine alone. It would be nothing without the dedicated cosplayers that stopped for photos. This book was born from the inspiration they gave me to further myself as a photographer.

So, to them, I offer this book as a thank you.

Blurb will print the book for $57 plus tax and shipping, which is steep in my opinion, but a hardcover book with my images is worth it to me. I'm listing the book on Blurb with no profits to me, so if you buy, you'll be paying for the production of the book and the shipping. As an alternative to purchasing the book, I'm providing a ZIP folder with the pages on JPG images. The folder is free for anyone who asks.

So, a billion thanks to everyone who helped with this, everyone who encouraged me to finish this. It's a personal victory for me, and I can't wait to see what I'll do with this newfound courage.


Purchase the hardback or paperback books from Blurb.com, or e-mail me about the ZIP folder.

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