It happened. On a rainy Georgia night when Disney screwed us over by putting Star Wars tickets on sale early. A night when I forgot I had frozens in my trunk while I rushed to my local IMAX because I wanted a physical ticket. Somewhere, during that drive, I accumulated 100 followers on Instagram, and I feel as though the world has shifted colors.

Even though I’m sure the number will sink back down in the morning, I can’t help but feel grateful that I reached the milestone to begin with. For someone who doesn’t shoot half as much as he should, who possesses no content worth posting once the cosplayers has left his corner of the woods for the year… 100 feels like I’ve conquered a small mountain peak. I wanna climb the big ranges now.

How I progress from this point is still a mystery to me. There is, quite literally, no me without you all. It’s a double edged blade where one edge is me being grateful to you, and the other being me acknowledging that I must find the means to stand apart. To truly be unique. 

Who I am when reduced to a lens, my surroundings, and my bare knuckles? I pray I discover the answer soon.

Thank you. All one-hundred of you. You encourage me.



Well, here we are.

One thing I felt I was lacking was a way to speak to you all. How fortuitous that being forced by 500px to migrate would allow me a proper way to do so!

I want to start by saying thank you. If you’re reading this, you’ve seen at least a fragment of this journey that I’m on to figure out just who am as an artist. Maybe we’re friends, maybe I’ve snapped your photo at a con, maybe you happened on this place by Google, or Yahoo, or something. But no matter how we’ve crossed paths, know that I’m glad we did.

So here’s the beginning of something new, and dedication to artistic growth. Not just for me, but for you, too.

I have alot to learn, and I can’t wait.



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