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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Finally! The Photobook is now available!

The process of making this book was... trying. My mother passed shortly before Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018 took place and it was hard to shake the feeling that I was just attending because the money was already spent. Looking back on it now, I'm glad I went. Taking the photos, editing them, getting them out to as many people as possible, arranging them in the book--it all gave me something to keep my mind busy while I battled the mourning period. This book is the sum of the effort to move forward in spite of loss, circumstance, and heartbreak. 

As was with the Momocon book, my photobook for Anime Weekend Atlanta is hosted on Blurb.com and all profits to me are waived in attempt to make the book as affordable as possible. In the event that the price is still not agreeable, I have provided Google Drive links to digital copies of the book--one PDF and another a ZIP folder with JPG pages. The idea is to give everyone a fair chance to get the book.

I thank you all for making my con season a healing experience.


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