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Latest update: 9/14/2019

Supple Means of Connection
Lauri Stallings, glo

"During my visit to this installation, I had a lot of questions dancing around with a genuine feeling of glee. Some of the bigger questions still persist a week later: If art is a means of expression, is a voice unshackled and set free when the boundaries are effectively erased?" 

Some photos and a few words on Lauri Stallings's and glo's Supple Means of Connection at the High Museum of Art on September 8th, 2019. Brilliant, life changing experience.

Fate/Grand Order--Poolside!

Saber (Rider Alter) and Jeanne d'Arc (Berserker Alter) from Delightworks' Fate/Grand Order at West Gwinnett Aquatic Center, in collaboration with galactic.ghosts and foxarcada.

Plugged In @ Game-X, produced by Markster Con

Went to my first party at a bar. I'm growing up. Allegedly.

On July 26th, 2019, local event organizer Markster Con threw a nifty li'l shindig at Game-X, a fun spot I wish I knew of sooner. 

I left the shenanigans to the photog pros, since there were so many of them and I'm still a relative unknown. I managed to get a few shots in though. Take a look. Also, when you get a chance, check out Game X in downtown Atlanta! Its a neat gamer's bar/arcade and I can see myself hanging out there. 

Momocon 2019

The album and one-on-one highlights are complete.

Check them out here.

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