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Wyldcards Imperium
Currently in development
Tethers, Chapter 2: Yesterday
A study of that which we are bound to...and that which binds us. Chapter 2 continues the project on human connections
The Wyldcards | Photosets
The project is complete. See the photos from the Wyldcards sessions here.
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Learn more about this project and the photobooks.

Latest update: 08/30/2020

Cutting Room Remix

After my aquisition of a Luminar 4 trial, Act 1 of Tethers Chapter 2: Yesterday has been re-edited.

Take a look 

An Ode To You

The Wyldcards project is here, and it is my honor and privelage to show you everything over the next few weeks. Learn more about the project and the photobooks and see the photosets here on ADouglass.Media

Learn more about the project and photobooks here.

The Historic Oakland Cemetery: Mixed Photoshoot

Atlanta photographer ibgcos (Instagram) arranged a cosplay/model photoshoot at the Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA, and I was lucky enough to be invited. It was quite the learning experience that highlighted some of my drawbacks, mainly my anxiety and my lack of experience in direction. 

Still, in spite, it was a productive afternoon. I've selected some highlights and posted them here.

Featuring cosplayers and models kasutajubaka, trashypandacosplay, daracel1, and mischi3vous_1

Supple Means of Connection
Lauri Stallings, glo

"During my visit to this installation, I had a lot of questions dancing around with a genuine feeling of glee. Some of the bigger questions still persist a week later: If art is a means of expression, is a voice unshackled and set free when the boundaries are effectively erased?" 

Some photos and a few words on Lauri Stallings's and glo's Supple Means of Connection at the High Museum of Art on September 8th, 2019. Brilliant, life changing experience.

Plugged In @ Game-X, produced by Markster Con

Went to my first party at a bar. I'm growing up. Allegedly.

On July 26th, 2019, local event organizer Markster Con threw a nifty li'l shindig at Game-X, a fun spot I wish I knew of sooner. 

I left the shenanigans to the photog pros, since there were so many of them and I'm still a relative unknown. I managed to get a few shots in though. Take a look. Also, when you get a chance, check out Game X in downtown Atlanta! Its a neat gamer's bar/arcade and I can see myself hanging out there. 

Momocon 2019

The album and one-on-one highlights are complete.

Check them out here.

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