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To the cosplayers of the world:

I owe a debt of gratitude to you all for being a guiding star on one of my darkest nights. I cannot adequately put into words how you saved my life.
I hope this book finds you well. Throughout the weekend and the weeks following, I’ve interacted with so many of you and the depression I’ve endured since losing my mother and my home has begun to wane. I’ve worn a constant, proud smile since the convention because I am inspired in my craft again. I am also happy because I am reminded that an inspired soul is a happy soul. and inspiration is highly contagious. It's easy to forget that one of the best ways to inspire others other is to simply be passionate.

Cosplaying has been anywhere from a mere hobby to a fiery passion for many people. But, whether you do it for fun, for expression or for profit, it is important to remember that cosplaying is much more than just playing dress up. I believe it to be one of the great mediums of art, and I’ve been lucky to see with my own eyes how it brings happiness to those who come in contact with you, just like all other art forms. For someone you pass by, you’re the spark of a life-changing idea. For others, you're a chance to meet a beloved hero who came to life. The inspiration that fueled you to cosplay now moves on to those you meet. It’s why I produced some of my best work at this convention and why I strive to be even better.

You sow endless delight and motivation into this community with your work, and others will move on to spread that same delight and motivation in their own way after having seen your work. It is the nature of all art. "This book is my way of sowing back into a community that first nourished me, and it is my hope that some of what makes so many others happy returns back to you. You deserve to experience the feeling of knowing you’ve made the world a little brighter.