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Supple Means of Connection

Lauri Stallings and glo, July 25, 2019 - September 8th, 2019

During my visit to this installation, I had a lot of questions dancing around with a genuine feeling of glee. Some of the bigger questions still persist a week later: If art is a means of expression, is a voice unshackled and set free when the boundaries are effectively erased? How is one supposed to behave when the art is not satisfied within a frame? When art says hello, what is the standard reply? Should I have experienced this installation alone rather than with friends? Am I missing a deeper meaning? Is it the mission to make me feel as happy as I am currently feeling? Am I overthinking all of this?

One question sticks out the most: If mom was right, and the main mission of art is to provoke a response, how do I do that with a camera? .

I have so many more thoughts that I can't put into words, but I feel as though if I assumed these questions didn't matter in the long run, one of these artists would argue that they do matter. Supple Means of Connection was an experience that reached in and pulled emotions from me like nothing else thus far. I'm happy to have gone, and I'm happy to have all these questions almost a week later.

I didn't take many photos, and the ones I did take evolved throughout the week before this posting, as most of my photos do. But for once I don't feel the need to beat myself up about it.

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